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The Protagonists


Seven interviews with Northern Irish women will be selected for the film: Catholics Protestants, Republican and Loyalists, older and younger women. Many more will be shown on our website. We made a lot of contacts and build up confidence when we were in Belfast last summer. Excerpts and footage from that stay are to be found on the DVD sent by US mail service.


“We did what had to be done” was a phrase nearly all our interview partners used. Depending on their political affiliation, however, they meant very different things: to work in a British Army store, to break out of the women´ s  prison in Armagh, to transport bombs or to educate their children to Republican fighters or British soldiers…The women´ s own roles in the war were always a result of their individual political conviction, but above all, the women saw themselves as those who had to come to pragmatic decisions. With few exceptions, the women stayed in the background. Unlike their male combatants, they are rarely mentioned in the history books or in the narrations of the wartime. So the women use our interviews to contribute to the narration of the Troubles. They reflect their experiences; black humour is their means of dealing with the pain.

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